Hi, I am Miku Matsuzuru.

I am a photographer based in Los Angeles, originally from Hawaii and grew up in a Japanese household.

Not only photography, I also have experience in videography and graphic designing. I believe photography is also a way of art and story telling. I enjoy creating work with people so I will gladly consult with any project you would like to collaborate with!

Sharing a little bit of my motto:

“It’s alright, that’s love”

It’s never easy to become comfortable with the light when we’ve been in darkness for too long. It hurts your eyes, it scares you, it makes you want to go back inside. But don’t worry, it’s love. Accept it, embrace it, and live it.

If my work becomes an encouragement to even one person, that is the reason why I do this.


“The photos are absolutely beautiful! We had a cameraman that came with the venue, but Miku constantly was moving to a different position and taking great pictures from a different angle! There is a personal feel to the pictures, so I like them more than the ones provided by our venue!”

“My husband and I loved her photos!!! We highly recommend her service to everyone! Thanks to her brilliant skills, we now have a wonderful collection of photos that flawlessly portrays the immense joy we felt on our wedding day!!!”





“It was my first time working with her and photo shooting in general. However, she has such a charming personality and just talking to her made me feel comfortable in front of the camera which helped me to smile naturally. She was friendly and professional before, during, and after the shoot. I would definitely recommend her for any of your shoots!”

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